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Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Science of Awakening 2

THIS IS one of the famous Buddha's congestures :

  1. The existence of suffering
  2. The cause of suffering
  3. The cessation of suffering
  4. There is the path, that leads to the cessation of suffering

OBSERVE THAT, The Four Noble Truths has (have) nothing to do with the Existence of God,whether we believe in God or not, and even whether we believe in the Buddha himself or not ...

That is, no matter God exists or God does not exist, there is suffering ...

IN THE LANGUAGE OF Processes, we could now show this in a (informal) scientific way...



THE PATH to the cessation of suffering is clearly the path to the elimination of processes. In Buddha's teaching, it is the path to a life in Full Awareness.

OBSERVE THAT, when a process is created, its preconditions are defined to be invoked later when necessary, and eliminating a process is the reverse path : it is the elimination of its preconditions. When all of its preconditions are destroyed, the process is dead and we are one step further under way to the Liberation of suffering.

Clearly, the Buddha's way is the natural way to the cessation of suffering !

It is also called The Way of Awakening.


Ha Ha Ha ! ...

Nguyen Sau Rieng,

© October 2003


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