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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Self-reference information

October 2007

Observe that, when we remember something in the past, we do not merely remember some data's as a computer does ( name, time, salary ... ) but the whole context of the happening. That means, some defined context and some Logic-references are saved together with some data's of the happening and these information define what could be retrieved when we need to.
Observe also that in the state of Full-Awareness, saving and retrieving are automatic-processings without interferences from Feelings, Emotions and any non-standard processes.
Clearly, discovering those Logic-references could be very useful when we need to retrieve something actively.

Moreover, could we define some Logic-References for ourselves so that the process of saving and retrieving some specific information could be accelerated ? Could we retrieve information actively by some well-defined Self-References ? ...

Reader could find out and show that for yourselve ...


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