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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Multi-Layer Processing Being.

SO FAR SO GOOD ! The identification of mental states as processes and the recognition of What-I-Am (see About_me ) was for me like thunder middle in the night ! This understanding lets us enter another way of abstraction in studying our (humain) being : The Parallel Processing Being !

Some of processes are originally predefined, while many others are created and destroyed continuously along our life. The way we sit, the way we lay down, the way we talk, for example, are also processes ....
Another way of speaking, our life is defined by processes !

By eliminating non-predefined processes, we could change our way of life totally (see The beginning to ... ) !

AS A RESULT OF THAT , what we usually call "Me" is also broken into pieces: It is merely a collection of processes! ( see I am ... That ! )

Therefore the abstraction of (mental) states as processes could also be considered as a very powerful tool: It is the microscope to look further and further inside our state of being, to find its molecules, atoms, and somedays perhaps the Empty Space between elementary particles ...

ONE STEP FURTHER on way of abstraction in the language of processes, we could then identify at least three different layers of what constitute our (thinking) being, The Multi-Layer Processing Being . These layers are merely three different abstractions of the same being, that are related very closely to each other . Each of them deserves further investigation ...






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